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Specialization in flat products and profiles in steel

SIAT S.p.A. is a leading manufacturer of cold rolled flat in coils from low and medium content carbon wire rod.
With a production capacity of more than 80,000 tons/year, SIAT is the supplier of the main European users in the field of:

  • mechanics
  • mechanics for window fittings
  • building
  • furniture
  • electric appliances
  • automotive
  • industrial containers and displays
  • off-shore cables

The most complete range on the market

A wide range of standard and customer-specific rolled sections can be produced, thanks to new generation fully automated systems.

The flats manufactured by SIAT have a rectangular cross-section:

  • with sharp edge
  • with round edge
  • oval section

Upon request, other cross-sections with moulded profile are available.
Thickness ranges from 1.5 mm to 12 mm; length is comprised between 5 mm and 30 in reels up to 2500 kg.
The ROLLED FLATS manufactured by Siat is compliant with the EN 10139 standard.

Cold Rolled Flat Technical Sheet


  • griglie gas acciaio trafilato

    Suitable for the household appliances industry.

  • serramenti acciaio trafilato

    Production of mechanical parts for the window frame industry.

  • Suitable for the production of display stands and industrial boxes.

Production Range


Type Weight
Ø Internal
Ø External
Coils 1000 : 2500 400 : 500 800 : 1250 300 – 380 – 500

Sales Organization

A continuous and reliable service is guaranteed by SIAT' Sales Department.
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