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Twisted drawn wire for gratings

The range of drawn wires manufactured by SIAT S.p.A. is completed twisted square low carbon content cold drawn steel wires.

In-line helical torsion gives the drawn steel wire additional characteristics for specific applications. The flexibility of the plants also allows SIAT to meet specific customer requirements.

The high quality of raw materials from our steel mill and accuracy of geometry make these twisted wires suitable for use in grating production. Thickness is comprised between 4.0 mm and 6.0 mm. The products are packed in reels.

Twisted square drawn wires are compliant with the following standards:

  • EN ISO 16120-2 (ex 10016-2) C4D
  • EN ISO 16120-2 (ex 10016-2) C7D
  • EN ISO 16120-2 (ex 10016-2) C9D
  • EN 10277-2

Twisted Drawn Wires Technical Sheet


  • Floor gratings

  • twisted drawn wires


  • twisted drawn wires


Range and Packaging

Type Ø [mm] Weight Ø Internal Height
Spooled coils 4,0 : 6,0 1000 : 1500 500 – 540 – 600 500


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