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Copper-coated wires for enhanced protection

The copper-coated wire process is a manufacturing technology that provides additional protection to drawn steel wires. This allows them to be widely used in several applications.

Thanks to the technology developed by the Pittini Group, the production of copper-coated wire is implemented through cold rolling, in a single step from wire rod to finished product. This guarantees constant control and quality both of the raw material, the wire rod that is produced in the Group’s rolling mills, and the entire production cycle.

The SIAT copper-coated wire range

SIAT manufactures copper wires having diameters up to 5 mm that can meet all market demands.

Copper wires are cold rolled in a single pass from wire rod to finished product.

Following reduction, wires undergo electrochemical pickling and then coppering so as to obtain fully adhering copper plating with variable thickness from 0.1 to 0.6 µm according to customers’ requirements or specifications. Copper plating is measured with a special tool that determines thickness by coulometry.

Copper wires are available in various packaging solutions up to a weight of 1,000 kg for the highest productivity.

Copper Wire Technical Sheet

Copper-plated drawn wire applications

  • sedili automobile acciaio trafilato

    Production of frames for car seats.

  • cestelli filo per saldatura

    Production of welding wire baskets.

  • ganci appendini acciaio trafilato

    Hooks and hanging systems.

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